Volunteering for Hedge End Town Council

We recognise the valuable contribution that volunteers can make to the community of Hedge End and the Town Council. They can bring a richness of skills and experience often providing a bridge to community involvement that it is difficult for paid staff to achieve.

We recognise that volunteers are motivated because it is their choice to volunteer and give their time freely; in return, we want to provide volunteers with the support they need to reach their potential. This may be providing opportunities that will help them to develop new skills and experiences or it may be providing a mechanism to engage with other people that share their passion.

We recognise that volunteers give their time to activities that are important to them and this policy sets out the principles and practice by which we involve volunteers.

Each defined volunteering role will have a role profile, this will help to assist the volunteer to identify if it is a role they want to do and any considerations they need to participate.

Find out more about the Albert Road Cemetery here.

Find out more about the Conservation Volunteers here.

Find out more about our Community Events here.

Find out more about our Youth Clubs here.

If you are interested in any of the above role profiles then please fill in the application form below or download and return the PDF or Word registration document. If you feel there are other roles you could volunteer for but are not listed here then please get in touch with the office.

For more information on volunteering roles at Hedge End Town Council please fill out the form below.

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