Burials & Fees

Hedge End Town Council acts as the Burial Authority for the Albert Road Cemetery and seeks to maintain a professional and sensitive service for the community.

To Inter into Earthen Grave

There is no charge for the interment of a stillborn child or the body of a child whose age, at the time of death, did not exceed 16 years of age.

To inter the body of a person whose age, at the time of death, exceeded 16 years of age:

  • Parishioner: £863.78 (including preparation of the grave)
  • Non-Parishioner: £2,650.86 (same price whether new interment or with existing Grant of Exclusive Right)

Note: Full burial graves are of double depth and can accommodate two burials and up to four cremation caskets (placed in each corner of the grave space).

Download the Burial Authority full burial application form here.

To Inter Cremated Remains

To inter the cremated remains of a person whose age, at the time of death, exceeded 16 years of age:

  • Parishioner: £258.38
  • Non-Parishioner: £1,108.22 (same price applicable for new interment or with existing Grant of Exclusive Right)

Note: Cremation plots will accommodate the interments of two caskets only.

Download the Burial Authority Ashes application form here.

Grant of Exclusive Right

To purchase the Grant of Exclusive Right for an earthen grave or cremation plot (for an exclusive right of burial for a period not to exceed 75 years.)

Parishioner and Non-Parishioner:

  • A plot 9’ x 4’ adult grave: £279.90
  • A plot 6’ x 3’ child grave: £132.99
  • A plot 4’ x 3’ infant grave: 5p in consideration of transaction.
  • A plot 2’ x 2’ Cremation Plot: £153.26

A charge of £70.93 is applicable for the Transfer of Exclusive Right.

Preparation of Cremation and Earthen Graves

The preparation of cremation and earthen graves is undertaken by the Town Council staff. The fee for which is incorporated within the interment fee. Removal of memorials will remain the responsibility of the funeral directors on behalf of their clients at all times.

Arrangements for Interments

Monday-Thurs: 10am - to last interment 2pm
Friday: 10am - to last interment 12.30pm

No burials at the weekend

Additional Notes:

  • With effect from 1 April 2009, the ability to Reserve/ Pre-purchase a grave space in Albert Road Cemetery has been removed.
  • A Parishioner is determined by their apperance on the Hedge End Register of Electors.
  • The charge for the interment of a Non-Parishioner will be, in all cases, where the person to be interred was not, at the time of death, or within the preceeding 12 months, a resident of Hedge End.
  • Applications for a person residing at the time of death, in a rest / nursing home or hospital or, because of age or informity, living with relatives elsewhere, shall be deemed a Parishioner if, up to 2 years prior to the aforementioned, they resided within the parish of Hedge End. It must be emphasised that the Parishioner status is determined upon the former residency of the deceased and NOT the executor or bereaved.
  • The Lawn Cemetery Regulations are applicable in all circumstances and are readily available from the Town Council Offices.

Download the Cemetery Regulations here.