Memorials & Fees

In 1981, this cemetery was designated a Lawn Cemetery from Section C onwards with special conditions as outlined in Cemetery Regulations.   Sections C, D, F, G and Section J are areas of rest that must remain laid to lawn.   With the exception of a two-foot section at the head of the grave, for the foundation of a memorial, the remainder of the plot will be turfed flat and will be maintained by the Town Council’s Grounds Staff.

Memorial Fees

The Burial Authority will consider applications to permit a memorial for the following fees:

  • Application Fee:  £146.92
  • Replacement Memorial Fee:  £146.92
  • For each inscription after the first:  £67.12

Removal of memorials will remain the responsibility of the funeral director, on behalf of their client.

All prices correct as of 1st April 2024.

Download the Application for Approval of Monument or Gravestone & Inscription below.

Application for Monument or Gravestone

The Burial Authority will not permit wooden crosses nor any other adornment other than that of a headstone in natural quarried stone and not exceeding the undermentioned sizes. Vases may be placed at the location of the memorial site only and not beyond that point.

The Town Council will consider application to permit a memorial in the grave section as follows:

  • A headstone (with or without a base) in natural quarried stone and not exceeding 3’ in height and 2’ in width.   Thickness a minimum of 2” up to a height of 2’ 6”, a minimum of 3” up to a height of 3’, a maximum of 6”.
  • Size of the base where provided 2’ 6” x 1’ 9”
  • Foundation slab, set at ground level 3’ x 1’ 6” x 2”
  • Back of headstone to be set 6” from rear of the foundation slab
  • One vase of natural quarried stone not exceeding 12” in diameter or width or other dimensions not exceeding 12” in height, such dimensions to include any base on which the vase may be placed - AT MEMORIAL SITE ONLY - THE PLOT IS TO REMAIN LAWNED.
  • With effect from 1st  April, 2005, it should be noted that all applications for the remaining cremation plots of Section D, must not exceed the height of 2’ and width of l’ 9”, thickness a maximum of 2”  -  this section is expected to close in 2006 and available space is now tapered to a degree that larger monuments would not be suitable.
  • With effect from 3 February 2005, for cremation plots in Section ‘J’, applications will only be accepted for the placement of a recumbent tablet in natural quarried stone and not exceeding the width 2’ by 2’ and a thickness no less than 2” and a maximum of 4” high.   A Foundation slab to be set at ground surface level.   Headstone memorials will not be permitted.

With effect from 1st April 1998 Type A Cast Aluminium grave markers, on spurs, to be placed to identify Cremation plots of Section D (from D86 onwards) are issued a marker upon interment and the entire G Section of burial plots are issued a marker (G1 onwards) including reserved plots.   Markers must be coloured green and only issued by Hedge End Town Council.   When a memorial is placed the marker is to be retained and placed at the back of the memorial with the identification viable.