Hedge End History Trail

Welcome to the Hedge End History Trail, here you will find a map of Hedge End which will help you locate all 16 of the Town Council noticeboards. The map will need you to use a little initiative as to the precise location of each board, so keep your eyes peeled and pop that thinking cap on!


There are quite a few noticeboards to find so don’t worry if you cannot find them all in one day, we will be running the History Trail up until early September. 

On each noticeboard, you will find a number or letter in connection to historic facts in and around Hedge End. Record the letters to spell out the location where you can collect a small prize.

There is no precise order in which to start or finish the History Trail, so feel free to pick any starting point or order which you find works best. 

Please do not remove the letters or map from the noticeboards, we suggest taking a picture with your phone or device to keep track as you go, or the classic pen and paper will work just as well. 

Best of luck exploring detectives! Do keep us posted with how you get on. 

Noticeboard Map

16 Noticeboards in total to find!

Please note there are two notice boards at Beattie Rise x Maunsell Way

Download the Notice Boards Map here.