Dowd’s Farm Nature Trail

Welcome back detectives, we have a brand new trail for you to discover! This time we are exploring Dowd’s Farm! Can you spot all the images on the map as you go round?

Autumn is a wonderful time of year full of colour, so we thought now is a great time to explore Dowd’s Farm, including the long term residents which call Dowd’s Farm their home. Don’t worry if you cannot spot them all, the ducks might be sleeping or the heron hiding amongst the long grass. Some might not be obvious to see at first glance, so keep your eyes peeled.

Join in the fun by downloading the map below, viewable on your mobile and tablet devices or print out a copy for your reference. If you can save the paper then great! You can also find another reference on the Dowd’s Farm noticeboard.

There is no right or wrong way in which to start or finish the Dowd’s Farm Nature Trail, so get going detectives and see what you can discover.

Lets us know how you got on by emailing:

Dowd’s Farm Map

Download Dowd’s Farm Nature Trail here.